Every one of us uses torrents to download things from the internet, Torrents are really a best of downloading by resuming them, we can download files with higher speed if our torrent has more SEEDS, and generally that is why people prefer downloading the torrents with a high number of SEEDS. Undoubtfully torrents are the best sources to download files from the internet, but the only irritating part of torrents is, the Downloading speed. We often come across situations where the torrent downloading speed will be way less than our normal downloading speed, due to less number of SEEDS, Here comes a solution for it, IDM is one the world’s fastest Downloading manager available on the internet. What if we download torrents with IDM software?? Interesting isn’t it??
Yes! we can download Torrents with IDM so that we can get maximum downloading speed even if the torrents has less number of seeds. There are many online sites to download torrents with IDM, I thought to post an article regarding the best online sources available to download torrents with IDM and here it goes. In this post, I mentioned about 4 best sites to download torrents using IDM. Just Go through them and pick one of your choices.

1. PutDrive- Latest and Fastest

Putdrive is the latest alternative for downloading torrent files using IDM or to download torrents directly. Using Putdrive you can download the files in a fast manner. PutDrive Allows you to download torrent files in the fastest way using its amazing features. It even supports anonymous downloads, so that your downloads remains completely anonymous. You can only use the put Drive by creating an account in it. You can create an account in Put Drive from  HERE 
Check the site – Put-Drive

2. Zbigz  – Torrent to IDM downloader


How to download torrents using IDM

1. Click [ HERE ] and go to ZBIZ website. It will look something like this as shown in the below Screenshot.
2. Now Just click on the UPLOAD TORRENT button to browse the torrent file that you downloaded and click on GO.
3. You can either Choose a Free or Premium account for ZBIZ. From free account you can only download files with memory less than 1 GB, if your file size is more than 1 GB then you have to go for Premium account. CLICK on Free to Proceed.
4. Now it will take some time to CACHE your torrent file, and after that you can download the file by clicking on DOWNLOAD button.
Zbigz is widely used online site to download torrents using IDM, It provides both Free and Premium service. You can download files even by using free subscription but premium subscriptions will provide you few more facilities in addition. There is a downloading limit of 8 GB for the free users and for premium users, it is almost unlimited. You can even download the files anonymously from anywhere. It doesn’t charge much for the premium users. It’s just 10 $ per account for subscription of a month. First, you need to provide the torrent link or you can upload the torrent file. After that, it will take some time to convert it and then you can download it using IDM, if IDM is not installed you can even download it using your browser’s default downloader. Downloading speed will be high when compared to the torrent as the IDM tries to get maximum downloading speed.

3.  – Torrent to IDM downloader

Though the services provided by this are awesome, you can use this site for free, For now, it allows only premium users to download torrents using IDM and The Bandwidth provided for Premium users it nearly equal to 1TB.

4. Boxopus – Torrents using IDM downloader

Boxopus lets you download torrents to your Dropbox directly, even you can download the torrent using IDM if you wish. This works same as the other websites. We should provide websites link or upload a torrent file and BOXOPUS will create a CACHE and we can download it instantly. The CACHE will be even stored, which helps us to download the torrent file even after some time using IDM.
If have any doubts regarding any of the above discussed issued please comment below and I am always happy to assist you.


  1. when i upload the torrent file in the boxopus it shows file upload complete but it cannot show the file to be downloaded so where can i click to download the file . kindly reply asap……

  2. Yeah Deepak, to download the files bogger than 1 GB you have to buy a premium account in Zbigz. with free account you can only download files with the memory less than 1 GB

  3. wow! this is amazing.. the download speed with zbigs is twice as fast as compared to any bit-torrent client! But i do have a problem. The first file I downloaded was fine. Now when i'm trying to download another one it doesnt connect. The caching is perfect and size is below 1gb. But the download does not start 🙁 🙁

  4. few day ego I have achieve downloading speed 30 kbps on but since couple of days I have achieve around 3 to 10 kbps. I am free user of I am using 2g internet on my vodaphone with Airtel 7.2 mbps data card. my normal downloading speed around 30 to 35 kbps with IDM. Please share some free website like

  5. i've downloaded torrents through zbigz before and it has been working very well. however, i've recently uploaded this file to be cached: but i can't seem to download the folder itself. idm doesn't pop up after zipping the torrent and i have to download the songs one by one. can someone please help me with this?

  6. Hey it must be the problem with the up loader, may be he didn't zipped the files before uploading.
    Try to download any other files other than that and i hope it will work fine for you 🙂

    Next time try to mention your name instead of anonymous comments so that we can interact better.

    "The requested file doesn't exist.
    HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found"

    "Problem loading page
    Server not found"

    Why's these errors?

  8. sai charan25 Wrote: August 2013 09:29

    will let you know if i find any !

    Between i am going to conduct a giveaway in which i am going to give 5 premium accounts for free. will conduct this with in a week.

    Where are the free accounts?

  9. Superb post but I have an issue.After downloading a file from zbigz using the free account,its caching speed reduces to almost 2kbps(Slower than using the actual torrent downloading client) from over 1mbps.How can I fix this?!

  10. Recently i hosted a Giveaway on my blog any gave 5 free premium accounts for free ! You missed it.

    If you want to get the premium coupons legally then follow the Facebook page i mentioned in the above post. From next week they are going to conduct some contests and give free premium accounts on monthly basis !

  11. will cache very quickly than zbigz and the limit for free user is 2gb……….but downling allowed only 1gb/day………also provide constant download speed as compare to zbigz……… some points zbigz is good but is best for premium

  12. Great post. We all need to use torrents at least once in a month or so because of the great demand of free things. Bittorrent softwares leak our information and send it via internet. Downloading torrents via IDM is a great way to beat that!

  13. dear, mn ZBIGZ. ko use krta rha hun lakin torrent file ko add krny k bad "go" option, then "free py click krta hun to downloading ka option nai ata, plz guide me

  14. Love you bro!
    whoever posted this article.
    I wanted to download some important files and this helped me when bit torrent etc. were giving speed of 2-3 kBps on my 3g network.
    i downloaded those files with speed upto 100-120 kBps. i don't know how, but it worked wonders. Thanks again!!!!!!!!1


  16. hi ken i have a problem i want to dl a season of a tv show. but i just want 1 eps thats 350 mb. the whole file is 15gb how do i get that? cause when i upload the torrent it says file to big cause of the 15gb but i just want 350mb of that??

  17. Putdrive claims a lot, but has anyone actually used it? I have, & the interface is buggy & locks up frequently. And when it actually works, you often have to wait minutes or longer, before the downloads even start. Frankly, I was better off downloading from the free download sites & entering captchas than spending money on putdrives poor service.

  18. Putdrive claims all sorts of features & services, but have you ever tried them? I have, and they're awful. Half of the filehosts you actually want to use aren't active, their site frequently gives Ajax Error pop-ups, and if you're lucky enough to make it as far as a Download Started pop-up, it usually halts there. Good luck even achieving a tiny fraction of what they claim is your total download allowance. I won't be paying to renew my account with Putdrive. In fact, it's less hassle just going to the filehosts directly and using their free download page – even with having to enter the captchas & waiting for the time delay to countdown.

  19. hey friend pls help me…….
    so many times when i open torrent file through its automatic start downloading by my idm……..but now its start by mozila firefox vlcc ……………why

  20. hello all of you i am a student and using univrsity provided internnet has blocked downloading torrent file with any softwere either utorrent bittorrent .etc. please help me to solve this problen using utorrent