There are a hell lot of Android games and apps available for free, many are addicted to play Android games these days. But the sad thing is many awesome games are available only for the Android. What if you wanted to play Android games on your windows PC? Yes! now you can play an Android game or App on your windows 7 / 8 / XP. This post will show you “How to play android games on windows XP / 7 / 8”. We are going to do this with Android emulators. Here are the 4 ways using which you can ply Android game in windows Operating system using Android emulators.

1. Using Bluestack to play Android Games on windows 7 / 8 / XP

Bluestack is a free Android emulator and it can be installed both on Windows and MAC operating system. It’s pretty easy to use Bluestack. You can download the files from Android official GOOGLE PLAY store and install apps on it. You can also install apps from other Android markets using this Bluestack. This even supports HD android games, so that you can play them on your PC without any problem. I use this on my PC and it’s working really fine.

How to play android games on windows using Bluestacks

1. Download the Bluestack from [HERE]
2. It will take some time to download the required files and then the Bluestack will get installed in your PC. So wait for few seconds for the setup files to get downloaded.
3. You can install the Android Apps and Games in 2 ways, either by downloading the APK files to your PC and then installing or by downloading in Bluestack itself. You can search for the Android games and apps that you require from the search box provided and then can install them.

2. Using Youwave to install Android games on PC

Youwave also works fine to play Android games on your PC, but this is not available for free, Youwave is a paid emulator. Even in Youwave itself you can download the apps from the different play stores and play Android games on your PC.
Download the Youwave from [HERE]

 3. Using Android SDK to play Android games on windows OS

This is the official emulator and this is used for by the Android app developers to test the apps instantly, even you can install any sort of apps on your windows machine using this Android SDK. It supports windows 8 too. You can download the
Download the Android SDK from [HERE]

4. Using LIVE ANDROIDto install and play Android games

LIVE ANDROID is completely different from the above-mentioned Emulators, ANDROID live is nothing but of a complete operating system which can be installed on your computer or laptop. You can install then on your virtual machines on virtual box and it will act as a new operating system. You can download this from the given link below and start using it.
Download the LIVE ANDROID from [HERE]
So, using any of the above, Android emulators you can easily install and play Android games on your Windows PC without any problem. Bluestack is my favorite one and I recommend you to use that, If you are facing any problem with that then try the other options too. If you have any problems regarding this post, kindly comment below and I am always happy to help you.


    @ 2.40 GHz,

  2. my laptop is DELL core i3 , 300gb hard disk , 2gb ram , but blue stacks could not be open on my laptop. a msg will be displayed that blue stacks could not recognise ur graphic card. so now what can i do .

  3. Which operating system are you using ? It is asking you to run latest version of Windows XP, may be you are on the old version of Windows XP, install Windows XP Sp3 and then try to install it . Hope it works fine 🙂

  4. when i am trying to install bluestacks it shows that it require 2GB of physical memory now what i have to do.give me a solution bro

  5. when i install blue stacks it will give error about phiysical memory…Brother just tell me that subwau surfers is running on xp windows ,and intel appup is not show subway surfers in xp widows .ppppppplzzzzzzzzzz tell me

  6. I have the same problem. It's says my graphic driver isn't up to date. It's a brand new laptop. And when I did it with my older one, after the update of the driver it crashed my whole system. I have a NVIDIA GeForce 750. That should be good enough.

  7. I had a question about the first program listed. I downloaded a program and now i don't know how to uninstall it or delete it?? help

  8. i have the latest driver so i cannot update it and it still doesnt work. still saying need to update your driver!!! help pls

  9. hi bro, i have installed blue stacks when i opens it, always it appears on the screen loading channels what i have to do now?

  10. hy adim i hav a problem on BLUSTACKS

    when i instl it it shows allwas

    the application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135)

    how can i fix it plzzzzzzz help me

  11. is it possible to change the control setting of the game? i want to use the keyboard only instead of keyboard and mouse. i'm playing kingdom & dragons and its hard for me to control the characters using the default controls. is it possible or not? thank you!

  12. hello guys, all the above problems are due to graphis card, if you would like to play all types of games of andriod, you should have windows 7/8 with NVDIA graphis card 750 onwards as well 4 gb ram .

  13. if I download blue stack it is telling my drivers need to be updated . what should I do ? I coudnt get the download link for update . my laptop is Wipro wivnb7710

  14. hai bro,
    i try to install bluestacks but the 'downloading run time data' isn't finishing . i held one full day.but that downloading is still repeating after it fully downloaded.i also tried the offline method.but it shows that the package is not valid.what'll do nw?
    please reply fast…

  15. can i use blue stack for playing android games if i dont have a graphic card

    i have installed bluestack but the games does not open up

  16. Buddy, all the applications that i mentioned in this post are trusted applications, You need not to bother about your security. How ever, If you are still concerned about your accounts security you can try using these applications by creating a new account.

  17. Friends i found a way to install bluestacks in xp sp2
    as you know bluestacks required xp sp3 to install
    so simply convert your sp2 into sp3
    but don't confuse i explain it

    you not need to install sp3 from cd or dvd
    i told u a simple trick to convert xp sp2 into xp sp3 in only 1 or 2 mints
    it give no error or any other system error
    simple and no side effect happy

    now follow the instructions that i asked in bottom
    first u can check your os by right click on my computer and click on properties
    if your window xp sp2 now do this

    1. go to start on run box type "regedit" and hit enter on "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" click on "SYSTEM" click on "currentControlSet" click on "Control" find and click on "windows"

    now on the right side u see the different values that contains name , type and data

    so find the value name "CSDVersion"
    double click on it and a box appears
    in this box u see a text field named "Value data"
    in text field clear it if this box is filled
    and type here "300"

    and on right side a field named "Base" have a two options "Hexadecimal" and "Decimal" so tick "Hexadecimal" and press "OK"

    now u all done
    Just restart you computer and after restart you check you windows version by right click on my computer and click on propeeties

    happy congrats your windows xp sp2 convert to sp3 thanks to try
    must send me comments


  19. yes i m facing same problem.
    it checked for graphic card driver update and also installed new driver but in vain.

  20. Any information about these emulators… Did them has option to play android games who requires internet. I used BlueStacks some time ago and then all works great, but now i cant connect internet. Any idea, if these other emus have internet access…?

  21. i tried to use it and it said it doesn't see any android device on my computer.. hoping I don't need an android device.. thought that was the point of this program. how do i install plants vs zombies 2 for instance if it doesn't see an android device to enable me to download and install the game… please help.. thank you

  22. Look i got a new pc with a great graphic card and 5gb ram but i only get audio in all the apps no display when i click somewhere i hear that something happend
    Please help me!

  23. when i install bluestack it prompts me to update graphic card, when i do so, the screen of my laptop begins to blink until i uninstall my graphic driver, do you have a solution for this.

  24. For 0xc0000135 error, Reinstall .Net framework 3.5 and 4….. From Microsoft's website….. It should do the trick

  25. hey sai,
    this is shashwat
    i installed bluestacks but it says graphic card not installed/updated
    in the above comments u mentioned that bluestacks does not works on nvidea graphic cards
    so wich graphic card shuld i install on my pc?
    also, i m having pentium dual core cpu with 2 gb ram .
    pl help me on
    i will be thankfull to u

  26. I cannot get internet access with bluestacks… I am not behind a proxy and my firewall is not blocking it either, yet somehow i am unable to connect to the internet . I want to install ifruit but using the apk that i already have it installs but when it attempts to download the data part I get download failed and anytime I try and log into my google account it is unable to connect. I have spent days trying to figure this out and no where online that I have found even has a solution to this issue. By any chance would you happen to have an answer? Thanks.

  27. sir I downloaded bluestacks ,,offline instaler but it dosent , install properly, it says application requires .NET Framework 2.0 SP2 ,,,sir please i really need help can you tell me from where i can download .NET FRAMEWORK…………???? please sir ,,,,THANK YOU >>in advance

  28. Bullshit.. i have the latest technology system.. quad cre proccessor the best vga card 16gb , i also have reformated me drive and installed windows 7… but blusteack won't run

  29. hello gettting an error i think.
    after installing with downloaded installer from bluestacks site .
    im stack on loading screen .then after an 5-7 hrs on loading screen it says failed to install apk.err .
    please help

  30. When i used all of the above except live cd but when i try to play king's empire the game screen turns black, i can hear the music playing but i can't see anything.
    does any one have a solution for this?

  31. it is degrading how the blustacks emulator need 2gb ram and an amazing super exoensive graphic cards to run on the pc when i can easily play the games with only 512mb/1gb ram and no graphic card on my mobile. It need a huge lot of upgrade and polish.

  32. Hey all , that error comes because you need 1 gold & real windows (then you should update your graphic drivers if you don't know how seach on youtube :3 ), like example : to buy a windows 7/vista/xp/8/8.1 :/ Sorry about that you can't install it with your pc cuz you got 1 transformation pack 🙁

  33. I have installed bluestacks but it says that your display drivers are out-of-date, i have installed latest version but it does not run,,,,,plzz help me,,,,,mine laptop core i3 @2.4 ghz 1 gb ram and 800mb display

  34. hey im having a problem i download bluestacks it works just when i download a game and try to play it never shows i hear audio no display though help

  35. For all that wants to get Bluestack working on mobile comuter – well… buy a tablet. Bluestack do not work with old drivers and you can't update GPU drivers on mobile computers as You can only install drivers from manufacturer as AMD and nVdia both not allow You to install native drivers. So – You have brand new lapot – good for You – i MIGHT be able to use Bluestack for… some time. If You have 1-2 year laptop, Your manufacturer probably stoped updating drivers for your model long ago, and Bluestack WONT work.
    1. Buy a tablet
    2. Make AMD and nVidia allow You to install latest drivers (maybe bomb facories or smth)
    3. Make Bluestack work around problem with drivers so it plays even on old drivers – well thats doable as they want to make a profit from it so if they cant guarantee that You will be albe to use it on laptop after You paid them… You will make them refound.

  36. Please help me!
    It says my physical memory should be atleast 2GB when I use it, so I closed all the programs, but still it repeats the message with 'NULL.'

  37. If you are facing such issue instead of using the play store in it , you just download the apk files from other sources on internet and then install them on blue-stacks. This is how i do 🙂

  38. All of are working in there best form, anyway I have tried all emulators but in them one problem is there i.e. "How to install apk data manuly ?" I mean I have moved on in a village area and there is only 2G network conection that is why I have download "Shadow gun" compressed and it was with no apk file so I search it in google an download it not a big deal all i came to this that no manuly so anybody,somebody,body please help me. And one more thing android live is windroy and it is the best for me it will be more helpful if you give tutorial for windroy.

  39. hi,
    for installation of bluestacks .
    required minimum configuration is 2gb ram ,1gb graphics card,&os must windows7or8 .
    bluestacks is latest tool , so required latest configuration .

  40. i have installed bluestack… after installing this file.. a downloding game data is going on.. and it is completed half percent…and then no prgress.. from 5 or 6 days…what will i do?

  41. i already install bluestacks and play clash of clans on my windows 7 and working properly.. after a few days when im trying to play again im stuck on initializing screen and cant open.. please help

  42. Dammit!!!!! I tried a buttload of things and still unable to connect my windows8.1 to android games none of these work please help