iOS is definitely one of the most used mobile operating systems and it is currently one of the biggest competitors to Android. But when it comes to iOS, it is a really simple and easy to use OS. Do not let the simplicity fool you, though, this mobile OS is definitely very powerful under the hood and Apple has limited the power a user can access. But there is a method called Jailbreaking that unlocks your iOS device and you can then unleash all the potential by using Cydia tweaks. 

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These tweaks can be downloaded from Cydia from various different iOS repos. There are so many tweaks that one can choose from. Some let you add new features to your iOS device while some will help you in customizing the already existing apps like Camera etc. Here’s a post about some of the best tweaks that you can download from Cydia and install them on your jailbroken iOS device. Let’s get started.

1. Activator


Activator is a must have tweak after you have jailbroken your iOS device. This neat tweak will allow you to add a lot of things to your iOS device like being able to add gestures etc. Examples of some cool gestures being double tapping on the status bar to bring up the App Switcher and the other being, skipping a song using the volume buttons. This is truly a great tweak you can download from Cydia and that too for free!

2. Auxo 3


Auxo 3 is definitely the BEST multitasking tweaks for iOS and it comes with great features. The whole idea of this tweak is to make multitasking on iOS better and for that, it offers three great main features. There’s Multi-Center, Hot Corners, and Quick Switcher. All three features provide better multitasking experience.

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3. Browser Changer

By default, Safari is the only browser you can use as the go to browser on iOS. Yes, you have the option to download another browser like Google Chrome but you won’t be able to use it as your default browser all over the iOS system. This tweak changes that and you will be able to use any other browser of your choice instead of Safari.

4. Bytafont 3

Changing fonts on iOS is not possible without jailbreak. The default font might get boring after a while but you can use Bytafont to change fonts on your iOS device. This is a really good Cydia tweak to explore and apply different fonts on iOS.

5. Camera Tweak 4 – Best Cydia Tweak.


iPhones have some of the best cameras when it comes to smartphones. But what if you could use a Cydia tweak and make the whole camera experience a lot better? Camera Tweak 4 does just that. You can have more options like setting FPS of a video, being able to set custom resolutions, timers and more. This is a paid tweak, yes, but it is totally worth the money you’re spending.

6. Confero

Bored and annoyed of the app notifications on the app icons. They make the home screen look odd, right? Well, Confero lets you put all these apps with notification badges into a single folder, thereby removing clutter from the home screen. You will be able to open this folder by just tapping on a very tiny icon on the status bar. Or you can use Activator in order to set a gesture for doing so.

7. Detailed Battery Usage

iOS shows very little battery usage information so it becomes hard to keep track of battery consumption. But you can use this tweak in order to look at more details and see what is using more battery on your iOS device. You can check information using graphs and see how much power your processor, GPS and even GPU is consuming.

8. BioLockdown

Touch ID is really cool. You can use your fingerprint to unlock your phone, to make online transactions and more. But Apple doesn’t allow users to lock up apps using fingerprint by default. BioLockdown is a tweak that allows you to lock your apps using your fingerprint. This will help you get rid of people reading your messages etc. without you knowing. This is a paid tweak but it is useful for sure.

9. Apex 2


Apex 2 allows you to customize how the iOS folders look and work. You can use it to add up to four apps into a single primary app icon. To reveal all the apps, just perform a chosen gesture and you will be able to see the concealed apps as well. Pretty good if you want to remove clutter and group up some apps that do a common job.

10. Barrel


This is definitely one of the best tweaks from Cydia for iOS. You can animate your home screen with this transition animations when you go from one home screen to another. This is a really fun tweak to use and it works flawlessly on the latest iOS version.

11. CallBar


CallBar brings some really good calling interface to iOS. No matter which screen you are on, you can get a heads up display of an incoming call. This works for normal voice calls as well as FaceTime calls very well.

12. Callisto


Are you one of those people who cannot remember a passcode? Well, Callisto is a Cydia tweak that you should take a look at. This app will let you secure your iOS device using passcode. The passcode will be the time you’re unlocking your iOS device. This is something that intruders won’t be able to figure out because the lockscreen will look like a normal passcode lockscreen.

13. CircleIcons – Cydia tweaks


CircleIcons will let you change the icons in your settings app of your iOS device to circular icons. Now this is something that will only perform a cosmetic change and has no feature addition. These circular icons look way better in the Settings app as compared to the rounded square ones.

14. Eclipse 3


Now this one cydia tweak is something that many users will be looking for. This tweak brings dark mode on iOS which looks extremely beautiful on the retina display of an iOS device. This changes the home screen, the settings app and even the dock to a darker look.

15. FaceDown

FaceDown is a good Cydia tweak for iOS that lets you lock your iOS device just by keeping it face down on a flat surface. This is a great functionality if you want a simpler way of quieting alarms in the morning or even to ignore a call. TheCydiadia tweaks doesn’t even affect much battery life which is another plus point.

16. Fingal


This is yet another interesting Cydia tweaks. Android has live wallpapers and iOS has Fingal. It is a really cool tweak that will animate various app icons on your home screen. It makes your home screen look very lively and you can use Fingal to make your own animated icon themes.

17. iFile


iOS devices lack a file manager but you can have iFile on your device after you have jailbroken your iOS device. You can use iFile to modify, browse and manage files on your device and this is truly one of the must have tweaks out there.

These were some of the best Cydia tweaks for iOS that you can download and try on your iOS device after jailbreaking. We have already worked on a post and listed some great Cydia repos that you can use in order to download tweaks from.