iOS is still leading when it comes to mobile operating systems. iOS now runs on iPhones, iPads, iPod touches and it is definitely one of the most user-friendly mobile operating systems. But Apple has limited the amount of customization that iOS users can do to their iOS device.But iOS can be used as a dynamic and customizable mobile OS by Jailbreaking it. Jailbreaking opens the door to a huge world of customization for iOS devices. After Jailbreaking, the users can easily customize their iPhone with new features, new icons and more stuff.All these customizations can be done using Cydia and Cydia sources and iOS repos. In this post, I will share some of the best Cydia Sources and iOS repos that you can try in your jailbroken iOS device.

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1. Ryan Petrich’s Repo

The repo is provided by Ryan Petric who is a known developer in the iOS jailbreak community. He is the developer of Activator which is a known iOS jailbreak app. This is Ryan’s private repo so you can use it to try out Activator with its trial version. You can access the repo from the following source URL.

2. iCleaner Pro Repo

The iCleaner Pro is a very useful tweak for iOS devices. This repo is hosted by Ivano Bilenchi. He has two repos respectively for iCleaner Pro Stable and Beta. The stable version is good for those who want tested iCleaner that works out of the box and the beta is for those who want to test things out. You can find both of the repos below.

3. Karen’s Pineapple Repo

Karen or AngelxWind is a very famous developer in the iOS jailbreak community. She has one of the best repos for Cydia where she hosts tweaks like AppSync Unified, SafariSaver, PreferenceOraganizer 2, Mikoto, and IneffectivePower.

In the community of developers she is knows by her first name Karen or by the pseudo name angelxwind. One of the best sources for Cydia, her repo is a complete package for jailbreakers community. She individually maintains her repo and is also a host to a large number of amazing products.

4. iMokhles Repo

The iMokhles Repo has the possibility of bringing 3D touch functionality even to an older iOS device. This is a really interesting repo if you want to have the 3D touch functionality similar to that on iPhone 6S and more on your older iOS device. You can add the repo through the source link below.

5. Forty Six & Two Repo

This repo has tweaks like eminent Haptical which can replicate the functionality of Apple’s 3D touch in older iOS devices. But there are a lot of other tweaks in this repo as well that you will find interesting. You can even add tweaks like WeatherBadget and more.

6. iHackstore

This Cydia Source brings you a comprehensive collection of tweaks and apps. You can also have a cool bunch of games, themes and music as well. If you are planning ahead to customize the iOS user interface and major features, you can consider this repo. It also offers Cydia apps like the ChatPic, CameraWallpaper, GroupSMS.

7. xSellize

Another popular Cydia source among app-lovers, xSellize is also offering a bunch of options. Of course, you’d have access to its exclusive collection of tweaks and games as well. The best part customers love about this iOS repo is the availability of games from old names like Game Boy and NES.

8. iForce

If you are looking for some exclusive tweaks and apps like AirBlue Sharing and AirBlue GPS, you should have this wonderful Cydia source. AirBlue Sharing is quite useful for sharing files between devices, via Bluetooth. You can also have other practically-useful tweaks for your iPhone or iPad.


if you have been in the world of iOS repos, you might have heard about AppCake. It’s a good way to get huge collection of cracked apps. is the parent of the source, and you can have a better collection of apps, themes and games.

10.Sinful iPhone

This is one of the yet another widely-used iOS repo, which consists of many cracked Cydia apps. Even if you don’t find some apps in other places, Sinful iPhone repo will have them ready for you. Along with this, you’d have access to a bunch of device-customization features as well.

11.BigBoss Repo

If you ask someone the best Cydia source for cracked stuff, BigBoss would be in the first position. One thing about BigBoss is the regular updates of tweaks and apps. It’s up to you to choose between free & paid tweaks but the quality is impressive. You also get the Winterboard theme from this repo.

12.CoolStar Repo

We won’t recommend CoolStar Repo for starters out there. The collection in CoolStar is dedicated for those who are expert in the world of iPhones and iPads. Of course, you can transform your iOS impressively. You’d get your hands on many command-line tools and some other tweaks.

13. HASHBANG Productions

This is a recommended Cydia source when you need exclusive apps as well as tweaks. With this single repo, you are going to have access to StoreAlert, BrightVol as well as MapsOpener. All these work fine if you have an iOS device running v9 and later.

14. HackYouriPhone

HackYouriPhone is the best Cydia source for those who want to get the best output from your iPhone. You are going to get your hands on Dreamboard themes as well as that various app collection. For instance, it’s regularly updated with new apps and tweaks like iProtect, AdBlock, iBirthdays etc.

15. iHacks

We had mentioned Sinful iPhone repo and xSellize cydia source above. iHacks happens to be a superb combination of both their features. For instance, you can have a bunch of superb games and apps. At the same time, you can use iHacks to make some better changes in your iPhone or iPad.

16. AppAddict – Cydia Source

Are you looking forward for a regularly-updated collection of apps with better support? Then, AppAddict is a superb Cydia source you should try for sure. It’s a better alternative to many other crack-apps installer. We must say this iOS repo is going to steal your mind if you love trying out superb apps for free.

17. Repo

This repository also helps you to get paid apps for free. In the single repo, you are getting access to apps like iDone, Security.deb and Installous. At the same time, if you love tweaks, you won’t be disappointed by the huge collection, for sure.

18. Insanelyi Repo

This is another Cydia source that emphasises on iPhone tweaks and all. If you are new to the world of Cydia and jailbreaking, you should check this repo out. You may not find anything fancy there, but Insanelyi is good for its round-the-clock customization options

19. APPVV Source

This Cydia source is noted for quite-useful apps like vShare. If you are planning to get some premium apps without having to pay, you should consider adding this source to Cydia. Although not a lot, you can have a nice bunch of tweaks as well.

20. CP Digital Darkroom Repo – Cydia Source

Are you interested in bringing some awesome feature to your iOS devices, such as Split View and Picture-in-Picture? In that case, CP Digital Darkroom Repo would come in handy. You can also have the benefits of 3D Quick Touch options to your devices, if they are not available.




21. ModMyi Repo

If you want to mod your iPhone with some cool hacks and tweaks, keep updated to this Repo. Along with a bunch of tweaks, you can have access to the collection of Cracked apps as well. If you are running iOS 7 or later, you can install this Cydia source.


So, these are the best Cydia Sources and iOS repos you should try once you have jailbroken your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch!