What is JailBreaking – Everything you need to Know!

Jailbreak is most discussed term in the world of IOS devices. Each time when a new version of IOS is released, very next day we usually see videos and blog posts related to the Jailbreak of that  IOS version. If you are one among those who always scratch your head wondering “what is Jailbreaking? “This post will help you by detailing all the aspects of Jailbreaking. We tried to cover all the important points and questions about it. We wrote this post in a layman’s language explaining all the geeky terms and definitions in simple words. This post is bit lengthy than the regular blog posts on the internet, but we tried to put it in a way that doesn’t bore you.

Let’s start with the definition first.

What is Jailbreaking?

We normally have certain restrictions on IOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod) while using them, these limitations are imposed by the manufacturer (Apple) who don’t want us to mess up our devices by making unnecessary tweaks on it. You might wonder “what sort of restrictions I am talking about?” There are many! For instance, we can’t remove the preinstalled apps that are in our device, we are restricted to install the apps from other sources, and we can’t customize many things in IOS devices because that is how Apple want us to use their device. If we Jailbreak our device we can have complete control of the device, we can do any customizations with it.


Jailbreaking of any IOS device is a process with which we can gain complete access on the Device by removing all restrictions imposed by the Manufacturer. When a Device is jailbroken we will get the Root access on the device (Root access is the highest Privileges that one can get on a device) with which we can access all the system files, remove or edit them, install new applications and lot more.

History of Jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking of IOS devices started with the foremost version of iPhone and it is still being continued with the latest and the recent version of IOS. Apple always wants to prevent it users from Jailbreaking their device. Apple has frequently been releasing new versions of IOS in which previous Jailbreaking exploits are patched. But People always find new ways to jailbreak.

Tools and Teams for jailbreaking: There are many tools and Jailbreaking teams which are helping people it to jailbreak on their own. Initially, iPhone Dev team used to release the tool which had enabled people to Jailbreak on their own. Here are few Tools and the respective teams who created them in recent times.


  • PwnageTool,redsn0w by iPhone Dev Team.
  • evasi0n,evasi0n7 by evad3rs.
  • Pangu,8,9 by Pangu Team.
  • TaiG by TaiG

In the recent years, tools are being released combined by these teams.

What are advantages of Jailbreaking?

Welcome to the most exciting part of the post, there are many things that we can do after a device is jailbroken but here are the few most useful ones.

1. Can surf the world of New Apps from various sources.

Not just the App store, there are many Application Markets available for IOS devices. As Apple just want us to use their market, it always restricts us from using the other markets. After you got your device jailbroken, you can surf around those markets to install Apps of your choice. The Best thing is your install many paid apps for free.


2. Can customize your device to the core.

Device customization is one this that I love most. All those people who are obsessed with default look of App dock, Notification bar, and lock screen can customize their devices as they wish.

Here are few screenshots of customized devices

apple__1 cipher62cf36f33ff30f8e3b18edd00871c60a

3. Changing the default applications

This is one big headache with IOS devices. We are forced to use few apps as default for few tasks. For example Default browser will always be Safari and Default Maps will always be Apple maps. By jailbreaking and installing Cydia, we can change those defaults applications to apps that we wish to use.

4. Expanding 3D touch capabilities

3D touch it one exciting feature that is only available with latest iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus. Few can just do few limited things with 3D touch normally. But if jailbroken there are few tweaks available with which you customize the use of 3D touch.

5. Expanding your security and privacy settings.

Jailbreaking IOS devices might be insecure, but not when we know how to properly it. Privacy and security settings can be enhanced with many available tweaks. There are also any mobile tracking applications that are available for jailbroken devices.

What is Disadvantage of Jailbreak?

There also a Dark side for Jailbreaking. Apple doesn’t want us to jailbreak our device, right? Have you wondered why? Many bad things can happen to our device if we don’t use it properly. Here are the few Cons of Jailbreaking. Do remember that these below things can happen mostly when people try to do things without proper knowledge.

1. Chances of getting your device Bricked.

People say that their device is “Bricked” when their device don’t power on and normally perform like it previously used to. Yes! In few cases, if you mess up with things on your iPhone it might let your device to get bricked. Installing the Stock OS can unbrick your device in most cases.

2. Instability of devices.

Again as I said, if you keep doing lots of crazy stuff testing each application that you found on app markets, Your devices might nor perform well. Few applications mess up with the regular functions of the IOS not letting the device to perform in a normal way.

3. Security issues when the device is Jailbroken.

The problem with installing apps from markets other than IOS is that they are not tested for malware’s or spyware’s, they are insecure to install. There are many cases around the world when people suffered by installing apps from Unknown sources. There are few trusted sources as well.

Types of Jailbreaks.

Tethered and untethered are the two type jailbreaks, in the tethered Jailbreaks a computer in required to whenever you need to reboot it to hold the device in jailbroken state, if the device is not connected to the computer while rebooting the device can’t enter the jailbroken state. Tethered jailbreak used to be the only option for older versions prior to 4.3.3

In the Untethered jailbreak, the device will still be in jailbroken state even after the reboot irrespective of whether it is connected to the computer or not. For all the versions after 4.3.3, the untethered version of jailbreak tools is available.

How to Jailbreak iPhone, iPad, iPod?

After reading all these stuff about jailbreaking you must be interested in knowing “how to jailbreak any IOS device”.  Well, the procedure and tool for each IOS version differ. So I can’t explain it here. I suggest you look for the jailbreaking guides on YouTube. Just search something like this “iPad iOS 9.0.1 jailbreak”. Make sure that your IOS version, devices supported are mentioned in the tutorial. Also, check the likes and Comments section of the video to judge the video. If the comments have more abuses and dislikes are more, just leave that and look for another video. There are many cool YouTube Channels on YouTube which has some useful guides.

Difference between IOS Jailbreak and Android Rooting


Android is a Linux version operating system if you are a person who is familiar with Linux you might have known what super user and t access is. Both Rooting in Android devices and Jailbreaking in IOS devices, both gives us the access complete access on the devices both. But the tools we use and procedure we follow do to them are entirely different from each other.

Is Jailbreaking Legal?

The simple answer is, Yes!

The jailbreaking laws differ from country to country. Almost all the countries which have laws about jailbreaking made it legal and we don’t need to bother about those countries which don’t even have proper laws against this. Common! It’s our device, after all, we can do anything with it as long as we respect the copyrights. Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, India, United States and Singapore do have laws which say that jailbreaking is legal in them countries.

Few more FAQ’s on Jailbreaking- what is jailbreaking

Here are few most asked FAQ’s about Jailbreaking


1. Can I jailbreak my IOS device at home?

Yes! It’s a quite easy for anyone to jailbreak their devices at home, there are a lot of videos available on YouTube and articles posted on the internet which can guide you in that. Though it used to be the lengthy process for few older versions of IOS, most of the recent iPad’s, iPhone’s, and iPod’s can be Jailbroken quite easily with single click. If you are struggling with jailbreaking your device even after a lot of attempts you can comment below so that we can try to help you out.

2. How to check whether my iPhone, iPad, iPod is jailbroken or not?

All the tools that can jailbreak the recent version of IOS install Cydia application on your device. So if you can find an Application named Cydia on your device, your device is jailbroken, otherwise it isn’t.

3. Will jailbreaking voids my Warranty on my device?

Yes, jailbreaking Voids your warranty, but you can use certain tools to UnJailbreak your device so that you get your warranty back. You can system restore your device using iTunes, and you will have your warranty back on your device. Even if you take your device to Apple care, they can’t find that you have jailbroken your device previously once you restore your device. So just relax J

4. Can I Jailbreak my device for free or should I pay?

No, it’s free. As I said earlier, one can jailbreak their IOS device but just downloading some free tools available on the internet. Of course there are few people who charge you for jailbreaking your device. But you can do it on your own.

5. Can I UnJailbreak my device, once I have jailbroken it?

Yes! You can by using Cydia Impactor. You can even just simply restore your device using iTunes, and your device will be back to the state when you bought it.

6. Does the Jailbreaking Procedure differ from device to device and version to version of IOS?

Yup, it does change from the version to version, before following any guide on the internet properly check for the versions of IOS, Devices supported in their tutorial. As the Apples patches the exploits in its previous versions, the jailbreaking teams keep releasing the new versions of their tools.

If you still have any questions regarding IOS jailbreaking kindly comment below and we will try to help you by replying in no time.